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    Just when you thought your child was completely potty-trained, your child is now having accidents again — during the day. Could this daytime wetting be intentional? Is something wrong? It's called urinary incontinence , the uncontrolled leaking of urine. And, as upsetting as this can be for parents and kids, there's usually a reason that can be addressed and resolved. Every child is different, but most begin to potty train as toddlers.
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    Daytime Wetting (Diurnal Enuresis)

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    Make Daytime Wetting a Thing of the Past

    What does voiding dysfunction mean? Voiding dysfunction is a term used by doctors and nurses that means a person does not empty their bladder normally. This term means many different things. It may mean that the person waits too long to urinate, or urinates too frequently, or even tries to urinate when the muscles keeping the urine in the bladder the sphincter muscles are clamped down. The problems and symptoms a child with voiding dysfunction has will depend on his or her type of voiding dysfunction. These problems and symptoms may include wetting during the day and night, frequent and urgent urination, urinary tract infections, or sometimes kidney damage. Wetting only at night nocturnal enuresis is not considered a voiding dysfunction.
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    Why Does My Child Always Need to Go to the Bathroom?

    Gellner: You just took your preschool-aged child to the bathroom and now they say they need to go again. Should you be worried? Is something terribly wrong, or is this normal behavior? We will discuss that today.
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    Did you know that many children who are potty-trained can experience pee accidents during the day? Sometimes these accidents entail little wet spots in the underwear, but sometimes kids have full-on accidents that require a change of clothes. This can be a very frustrating problem for both kids and their parents. Diurnal enuresis is when a child who should be potty-trained has wetting accidents during the day.
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