107 North Parking Place   Lake Jackson, TX 77566
(979) 297-0769

MON-THUR ... 11-2PM, 5-8PM
FRI ... 11-2PM, 5-9PM
SAT ... 5-8 PM
SUN ... 12-2 PM

Call ahead if you have a large party to ensure the best service.
Gratuity applied to groups.
Reservations for parties of 10+ may require a refundable deposit.



Zum Gasthaus (meaning "The Restaurant") is a family owned restaurant that's been opened for over two decades. It was founded by Kim, an immigrant with a love of people and making good food. Kim is a sincere woman whose goal is to make people happy. She cooks her food fresh, provides quality ingredients and is always open to making your visit better. The menu is geared towards American variations of classic German dishes.  Open everyday, and you can order from the dinner menu anytime of the day.

Zum Gasthaus serves fresh 16oz. rib-eye steaks, a variety of schnitzels (fried pork loins), sandwiches (Reubens, chicken salad), and more! We also serve beer.